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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Chapter 9: "you're like, awkward - magnets or something!"

The time flew by, and Christmas was fast approaching. Rose, Albus, Scorpius and their friends would soon be returning home for the holidays. Scorpius wasn't looking forward to seeing his parents again, they'd kill him if they found out about him and Rose...although, were they really anything? They hadn't kissed since that night, hey, they barely spoke for a week after, but, its just false hope, Scorpius thought, he'd had enough of that in his life.
     I can't wait to see everyone, thought Rose, but I am gonna miss Scorp...if he even cares..
     Neither of them knew that the other still cared that much, but both were too embarassed to say anything.
     'You need to say something before Christmas, buy her something from Honeydukes or something, we're going later. I'll lend you some money, if you don't have any.' Al told him over breakfast, a week before school finished for Christmas. He may not be the smartest, but he is good with girls, Scorpius chuckled. He had been smiling and laughing a lot these last few months, something he hadn't experienced for a long time before he started at Hogwarts. He leant over to grab some toast, when a black blur sat on his hand. It was his fathers owl, Blaze, with a letter for him;
"Scorpius, unfortunately you will not be able to return to the house for Christmas, as we are going to Egypt, to visit your grandfather in the asylum, who seems to have taken a turn for the worse. I have spoken to your headmistress, you can either stay at school or go to a friends, if you have any who'll take you, but your gift will be sent to school. -Father."
He almost choked on his tea. 'who wrote you, Scorp?' The letter was snatched out of his hands. 'what's' 'Oh Al, that says Asylum, its where people who are mentally ill often live. I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather, Scorpius.' Rose appeared behind them. Al's face suddenly lit up 'maybe Scorp could stay with us for Christmas, dad would let him, he can sleep in my room with me & Hugh, you can go in with Lily, as always, and James can stay on his own, being a moody teenager, as per usual!' Al shrieked. Rose sighed. Another two weeks of awkwardness. 'Well well, my little brother is growing a brain, that's not a bad idea! Come on you two, let's go write to dad and speak to old McGonagall, shall we?' James stood next to her, his hand on her shoulder.
     'Come on Scorp, the shops will be closed by the time we get there!' Rose and her girlfriends had already left for Hogsmeade, and Albus was meant to be meeting Tilly for hot chocolate in an hour, to exchange presents, which only one of them, as of yet, had bought. At least it gave him the chance to buy his friends presents.
     'Come in, come in, welcome to Weasleys Wizard Weezes, the greatest joke shop in the world, as approved by Harry Potter, the boy-who-lived himself!' Roses uncle is far too loud, thought Scorp, this explains a lot about Al...
     He decided on a box of animal voice fudge for Al. Might be a laugh, especially if he forgets what they are, he chuckled. He was about to pay when a familiar voice shouted behind him, 'Hey, Uncle George, family and friends discount for this one, he's buying for your nephew, after all.' The lanky, messy haired man grinned widely. 'Rosie! I haven't seen you around here for a while! Introduce me to your friend then! Nice to see you mate, what's your name?' 'Scorpius, Scorpius Malfoy, but the rest of your family have taken to calling me Scorp!' He grinned. This isn't like me...but I like it! This thought made him smile even more. 'A Malfoy? In Gryffindor? Well, I bet your father isn't best pleased, is he?' 'I don't really know if I'm honest, I'm spending Christmas with your family, thank God!' 'Haha! Well, I best give you a discount on that then, or I won't hear the back of it! A galleon and a sickle to you, my good man! Thank you very much. Oh, more customers, I'll see you at Harry's next week then!' 'Bye Uncle G!' 'Hey, you don't think you can get away without giving your old uncle a big, wet kiss, in front of all your friends, do you? MWA!' He grabbed Rose and squeezed her tight, planting a big, showy kiss on her left cheek. She wiped it off, faking disgust, but also kissed him. She saw Nymph and ran off, leaving Scorpius to wander around on his own.
      He was walking down the main street, when he spotted something, in the window of a small, dust shop, that caught his eye. He entered the shop cautiously, to be met by a dark, musty room, which appeared to be empty. He walked over to the window, and picked up the small, violet box, which had caught his eye in the window. He opened it, to find a small necklace, a silver chain, on which a silver locket hung. On the locket, a small, pixie like figure was engraved, with copper hair, and emerald green dress. Her eyes were closed, she was smiling, her lips ruby red, and her feet were bare. It was perfect. 'What do you want!' A grumpy voice called from behind him. An old, hunched over man was stood by a spiral staircase. 'I was just...I mean, I would like to purchase this, please.' The old man hobbled over to him and looked at the box. 'You have good taste, in junk. 7 Galleons, to you.' He paid the man and left the shop. He'd found a gift for Rose!
     'Come on, Scorp, we're gonna miss the traain!' Al had been acting like a puppy for the past two days, getting gradually more excited. They had recieved letters from their fathers, giving Scorpius permission to stay at Albus' for the holidays. What they hadn't told Mr. Malfoy, was that Al's (they didn't put his full name, they didn't want to race suspicion) father was Malfoy's childhood enemy, Harry Potter, but what he didn't know couldn't hurt him. Scorpius packed the last of his things into his trunk. Roses present, wrapped securely in an old jumper of Al's, a red jumper, with  an 'A' knitted on the front, lay on top of his few belongings. He locked his trunk, picked up his owl's cage, and hurried down to the common room, where Al, Rose, James, his girlfriend Lea, and Professors Longbottom and Lovegood were waiting. The two professors would also be joining their family for christmas. 'I've never been in here before, it's quite lovely. It has a good atmosphere around it, and it smells like pudding.' Professor Lovegood was saying, as Scorpius struggled with the heavy door. 'Here, let me help you mate, thats it.' James held the door for him, and held his owl cage, regardless of the fact that the bloody owl was trying to eat his fingers. Rose was purposely looking out of the window. 'Hey.' He said to her, hoping to get a slightly less awkward reply. 'Hi, how are you.' He took this as a rhetorical question. 'Honestly, you two are like, awkward-magnets or something, just make up and come on, it's christmas!' Prof. Longbottom chuckled 'Let's not introduce him to that awful muggle song Ron likes, he'll be shouting that around the house all holidays!' He was talking about, of course, Wizzard, the old muggle pop group that wizards find rather endearing, if they can stand to listen to their "music" for more than 30 seconds.
     On the train, the mis-matched group were lucky enough to have a compartment to themselves, probably due to the fact that no one else wanted to sit with their teachers. As soon as they all sat down, Al brought out a large box of Bertie Bott's Every-Flavour Beans and asked 'Can we call you Uncle Neville and Aunt Luna now, or do we still have to call you Professor?' Neville chuckled. 'You can call us by our names now, unless other students come in, it is the holidays, after all, we're off-duty.' Al sat back, content with that answer, and threw a handful of beans into his mouth. He began to chew, then froze, horrified. He forced himself to swallow, and breathed out the word 'Earwax..' Scorpius laughed, as did the whole carriage, and his eyes met with Rose's. They stopped, and smiled faintly at each other. They were going to be just fine.

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