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Friday, 21 October 2011

Chapter 4: The Future is Uncertain..

Rose entered the divination classroom with a bang, slamming the door behind her. She had been trying to find the divination for ten minutes, before her cousin Victoire showed her the way, then ran all the way up, after realising how late she was, and so walked in with her clothes and hair in disarray, panting, and almost dropping her books. She apologised to Firenze, her teacher, and slid into her seat next to Al. She looked up and saw that everyone was staring at her, except for Scorpius, who was staring so harshly at the crystal ball in front of him, his eyes could've bore a hole in it.
     "Right now, thats enough, she's a girl, not a juggling monkey. Miss Weasley, if you would like to turn to page 394 in your book, we are looking at using crystal balls. Everyone read the incantation on the page aloud, whilst gently moving your hand over the surface of the ball, and write down what you see."
     Al chuckled, putting his cousin's robe sleeve back over her shoulder, and reassuring her that she didn't miss much, just Firenze moaning about how he'd rather show us how "us centaurs" see the future, than teaching us the wizarding way. Rose thanked him & smiled, and began to do the incantation, but all she could think about was Scorpius. Why was he determined not to look at her? What had she done wrong? Then she remembered his reaction to the letter this morning. She hadn't even opened it, but he presumed it was something bad. She finished the incantatin and looked into the crystal ball, to see a mountain, tall and snowy, which a figure was standing at the top of. A figure, in a familiar black coat, with familiar blonde hair. She then noticed another figure, at the bottom, a woman, she presumed, with long red hair, in a white dress. She began to climb up, following a ragged, rocky trail. The picture then rewinded itself, with the woman standing at the base of the mountain, this time taking a smooth, flat path going around the mountain. "Aah. You have a big decision to make, Little Red." She was so absorbed in the image in the ball, she barely noticed Firenze look in on the other side, and almost flew off her chair when he spoke. "You can either ignore the mountain, and take the easy route to your goal, or take the path less followed, and reach, not only your goal, but find your inner desires aswell. It's up to you," he rose, and began to walk away, "but remember me this; if you were to take the easy road, what of those you leave behind? Would you not still think of them? Although you are yet to make this decision, they may already believe you have. Try reminding them you're here." he walked over to Scorpius, leaving Rose to answer Albus' questions, making up the answers, of course, and to stop herself blushing. Scorpius had been listening to Firenze speaking to Rose, and had been wondering if he was talking about him. Surely not, Rose doesn't care, all she cares about is pleasing her precious famous uncle, Harry Potter, the Boy who Lived, and the rest of her mudblood-blood traitor family. Not that I care anyway, thought Scorpius, She can do whatever she wants, its none of my business, I'll be in Slytherin next week, thats where I belong, not in Gryffindor with these losers, what was I thinking?! He gazed back at his crystal ball, which showed two images, one of a figure all in black, another all in white. Firenze stood behind him and peered at the image. "Looks like you're having a bit of an identity crisis, my friend. We centaurs like to meditate in situations like this. Obviously we don't cross our legs in odd positions or anything like you humans, so instead we go off to a quiet place in the forest, lie down, and let nature take over us, we forget everything except the grass on our bodies, and the sounds of the forest. Or, thats me, anyway. Don't worry, you'll find yourself." He blushed faintly and left quickly, making a point of ignoring Rose, who was trying to reach him through the crowd of students.

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