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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Chapter 8: We'll Go Dancing..

'Rose, stay still, or your hair will be all wonky!' 'But mu-um, I can do it myself!' 'I have had curly hair my whole life, I know how to work it!' 'I don't have your frizzball on my head!' 'Oh Rosie, let your mum do it, you look lovely, now hold still or you'll have a mascara brush in your eye!' Rose crossed her arms and frowned. 'You have to go in ten minutes. Thank God.' Her deep green, satin dress still hung on her bedpost, whereas all of her friends were wearing theirs. Her mother & Aunt Ginny had been doing peoples' hair and make up all afternoon, leaving her until last, but refused to let her just get on with it herself. When did mum get all girly, she thought, she was the one who told me not to leave my homework, i could've done two essays today, instead of faffing.
     'What the HELL is that?! Scorp's looks much better than this!' 'He hasn't done his bow tie up yet! Do you need some help, Scorp?' Al's father had taken to using Al's nickname for him. He nodded coyly & allowed Harry to tie up his bowtie. His father would have a heart attack if he knew Harry Potter was tying his tie, and talking to him like he was his closest friend. Harry & Ron soon had to leave, in order to not miss the train, leaving the boys to make their way down to the entrance hall, to meet the girls.
     'Scorp!' Scorpius turned around, to be met by a flurry of deep purple. Nymph was dressed in a silk, purple dress, which sloped down at the back, with fishnet tights and black boots, and a black cobweb-pattern shawl. Her hair was black with purple highlights, dyed since the last time he saw her that afternoon, when it was blonde with teal. She looked beautiful in her dress, but he couldn't help wondering where Rose had gotten to. His question was soon answered, as Nymph gasped, and looked over his shoulder. 'She looks beautiful, bless her heart!' one of the second year Ravenclaws exclaimed. Rose walked down the stairs slowly, her satin dress swaying perfectly around her ankles. Her red hair danced in curls around her shoulders, and her chocolate brown eyes sparkled beautifully in the light. She looked perfect. He didn't even notice Tilly, stood next to her. They walked over to Al, Scorpius & Nymph. 'You look...b-' 'Hey beautiful!' Scorpius was interrupted by Jed. He put his arm over Rose's shoulders, and walked her into the Great Hall. Al & Tilly followed, giggling together. Nymph linked her arm in Scorpius'. 'Shall we?' She beamed up at him. 'You know, I know you like Rose. A lot. I can see it in your eyes, a mile away! I'll be honest, I kinda like Josh, you know, Josh Thomas. He didn't ask me though, I think him and a load of his friends are going alone anyway, too cool for girls, haha.' He could see she was upset about it, so he hugged her and smiled, before escorting her into the hall.
    'Woahhhh, we're halfway there, woa-oh, livin on a prayer, take my hand, we'll make it I swear, woa-oh livin' on a prayer!' A muggle rock song, Scorpius vaguely recognised blasted out through the speakers. 'I love this song!' Nymph squealed, and dragged him onto the dancefloor, into the middle of jumping teenagers. She began to join in with them, hair flying everywhere, so fast he couldn't see her face. He didn't know what to do, and so he just stood there, until Nymph grabbed his arms and began to sway with him. They danced for another 3 songs, jumping and swaying in time to the music, not caring who was watching, and went to get drinks with Al and Tilly. Scorpius was having fun with Nymph, she was a great friend. 'Hey, look over there!' Al pointed to a table a few metres away. Jed and Rose were sitting together, Jeds arm still over Rose's shoulder. She looked bored stiff. He asked her something, she shook her head and muttered something. Jed leaned over to kiss her, but she pushed him away, standing up in the process. He shouted then 'WHY NOT, FIRST YOU SIT THERE WITH A FACE LIKE SOUR MILK, WHEN I ASK WHATS WRONG YOU WON'T TELL ME, THEN YOU WON'T EVEN KISS ME. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU.' She gasped and slapped him, hard. He was left with a bright red, dainty handprint on his face. 'Maybe if we DANCED at this DANCE I wouldn't be so BORED. And why would I kiss you, your a pretentious, arrogant SNOB.' She stormed over to where they were sitting, and sat down with a thump, stealing Al's pumpkin juice and downing it quickly. 'That felt good.' She sighed. Scorpius had an idea, this was his chance! 'Hey, everyone, why don't you go gather some of the others, we'll dance in a big group, all of us friends, hey?' Everyone stood up, except for Rose. He held out his hand. 'Care to dance?' he grinned. 'Here's hoping you're not as heavy-footed as your cousin, you'd have thought a giant was on the dancefloor!' She smiled, her eyes overflowing with tears. 'Hey, it's not all bad, ignore that jerk, he doesn't know anything!' He wiped a tear off of her face. 'He didn't even say I looked nice, other than calling me "Beautiful" infront of you. He kept asking why I was friends with you.' 'Well I think you look beautiful, even more so than ordinary.' The others returned with Josh, some of his friends, and some of the girls' friends. They stood in a circle and linked arms for the next two songs, swaying, laughing, and shouting out the words to bad muggle pop songs. The last song, the slow song, came on, and they separated, Al and Tilly, Josh and Nymph, most of the others got into couples. Rose stood on the sidelines, staring at her silver strappy sandals. 'May I have this dance, m'lady?' Scorpius bowed mockingly. She giggled 'of course you may, milord.' She curtsyed deeply, and they walked onto the dancefloor. She draped her arms round his neck, & he held her waist cautiously. 'This is nice,' she smiled, her eyes watery again. 'Yeah.. hey, why are you crying?' she hugged him closer. 'I...I just, my dad was horrible to you, and you've been nothing but nice to me the whole time we've been here. I don't mean to think it, but I find myself making these horrible presumptions about you because of your fath-' he held her chin, and kissed her gently, awkwardly. 'It's okay. I understand. You haven't met my father, he does that to everyone.' They laughed, still dancing in time to the music, another muggle song, one that they hadn't even heard of.
                "Have I found you, Flightless Bird, jealous, weeping. Or lost you, American Mouth."

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