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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Chapter 1: Those Eyes

1. Those Eyes.

"Grandad Weasley would never forgive you if you married a pure-blood." Her father's words ran through her head as she made her way through the busy train, to the compartment her cousins had occupied. Why would she marry such a snob? Scorpius Malfoy was the only first year on the platform who looked like he didn't want to be there, like he was too good for the greatest wizarding school on the planet! (it was in the world, then i remembered pigfarts ;)) She would not get along with the likes of him, she thought stubbornly, dodging a group of gossiping 3rd year Ravenclaws. She could see her cousins now, James was sat coolly in his seat, surrounded by Gryffindors, all of whom were gawping at her Uncle Harry, waving at her other cousin, Albus, who's dark head was sticking out of the window. Rose giggled and started walking faster, so she could say goodbye to her family before the train left. She was a few paces away when she bumped in to another first year. 'Sorry.' He muttered, his white blond head hung low. He was taller than her, but just as skinny, with long, lanky arms and legs. 'S''re Scorpius, right?' She replied, looking past him at her cousins, who were signalling her to come in. She smiled a little, and looked back, to be met by astonishingly bright, ice cold eyes. 'How do you know my name?' he frowned slightly, taken aback. Someone knew who he was, acknowledged him! 'Oh, my parents went to school with your parents..they, uh, they didn't exactly get along..' it was then that he realised exactly who he was talking to. 'You're a Weasley.' he looked down slightly, trying to hide the disappointment in his eyes. 'Yeah, I'm Rose. But don't worry, I won't judge you by your family, you can't choose them, right?' She smiled sweetly, trying to cheer him up. His only chance at a friend, and his family ruin it, she thought, sucks to be him. His mouth twitched a little, but his face remained neutral. The train jolted, and she desperately wanted to be back with her cousins, waving to her family, but she couldn't leave him looking so disappointed. 'Hey, why don't you come sit with me and my cousins? The other apartments are pretty much full, and they won't mind.' I hope, she added in her head. He looked up in surprise, a wannabe Gryffindor mudblood, asking him, a pureblood practical Slytherin to sit with her? 'Uh, yeah, sure, it does look cramped in the other ones.' They entered the compartment, to be met with groans and complaints from the boys. 'Ugh, why'd you let him in, he's practically a you-know-what!' 'Albus shut up, there aren't any more Death Eaters, why are you scared to say the words? Uncle Harry isn't.' With that, she remembered her family on the platform, and went to the window. Scorpius followed her, meeting his fathers eye just in time to see the disappointed look on his face. He turned and looked at Rose instead. Her Uncle Harry, "the saviour of the wizarding world" was smiling at her, with a wistful look in his eye. 'We'll be sure to write lots, to all of you!' Rose's mother and aunt shouted to them, as the train drove off. They all waved until their family was out of sight, giggling at Ron, who was waving a pumpkin pasty, which he'd managed to blag off of the trolley lady, at them. Scorpius had never experienced a family like this before.

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